Call from linphone to Ciso voip

I have two Cisco Voice router VG202 and Cisco 2801. I have established calls between two Voice router using H323. User can call to each other from both the end.
The two router cisco and svetah is registered to Asteris-21.0.0
Endpoint: 6001 Unavailable 0 of inf
InAuth: 6001/6001
Aor: 6001 1

Endpoint: 6003 Unavailable 0 of inf
InAuth: 6003/6003
Aor: 6003 1

Endpoint: 6004/6004 Not in use 0 of inf
InAuth: 6004/6004
Aor: 6004 3
Contact: 6004/sip:6004@;transport= a8503c3f96 NonQual nan

Endpoint: cisco Not in use 0 of inf
Aor: cisco 1
Contact: cisco/sip:cisco@ 46ea90a3a9 NonQual nan
Identify: cisco/cisco

Endpoint: svetah Not in use 0 of inf
Aor: svetah 1
Contact: svetah/sip:svetah@ f2b45a28f6 NonQual nan
Identify: svetah/svetah
One of the Sip client 6004 is also registered to to Asterisk as shown above using “Linphone”
The Linphone user can call cisco-2801 voice port and vice versa.
User from VG202 can call linphone user on extension 6004 but the linphone user is not able to call Cisco-VG202 user. I have run the debug command on Cisco VG202 and here is what I see:

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