Call Forward on no answer & Call Forward on busy


I’m running Asterisk 1.6 and would like to implemente the feature of “Call Forward on no answer” and “Call Forward on busy”.
I’ve read tons of posts and cna’t find a straight and clear anwser.

What I want is just this: One extension (let’s us say nº 444) rings for 5 seconds, and if it doesn’t anwser it, the call is forwarded to nº 555.

How do I implement this on the extensions.conf file?

Many thanks


The first line calls SIP telephone 555. If there is no answer after 25 seconds it goes to SIP telephone 444.

Exten => 555,1,Dial(SIP/555,25)
Exten => 555,2,Dial(SIP/444)

Many Thanks.

Can I put this entry in any part of the extensions.conf or just below the entries were I create this extension?



Tried it, implemented it and works like a charm.

Many thanks