Call files working

I’ve been reading about call files in Asterisk 1.4. As I can see, an outgoing call is done and when this calls is answered a second call is made and both are connected. I’d like to know if there is any way of connecting these two calls before end party answers first call.


The second call is made as though the first call were an incoming call, so you will get all the call progress that you would get if you had made an outgoing call from the first line.

ok. I must missunderstood call file definition. I though that they worked as:

-A new call file is created
-An outgoing call is generated
-If the outgoing call is answered, a second call is generated (usually a local extension is dialed)

you say that the second call is dialed at the same time than the first one, don’t you?


A call is made. The phone on that call then behaves as though it had dialled the extension number for the second call. The calls are not simultaneous, but they are connected, for signalling purposes, before the second call has been answered.

ok. Thank you very much for your explanation…