Call drops and calling IN INV


Since I’ve shifted my Asterisk server to cloud, I’m facing distortion, voice breaks and call drop issue. I was getting latency and packet drop so I changed the ISP, latency was between 150-160ms, 0.0% packet drop but still call drops randomly and also sometimes all the extensions on that particular (new) ISP become unreachable and if I try to call from cisco 7940, It gives error “Calling IN INV”.

I’m searching for solution from last couple of weeks but couldn’t resolve the issue.

I have Asterisk 11.25.1.

The cause is obvious. What scheduling latency guarantees to you have?

I’m not sure what scheduling latency is…how can I check that? The CSR of worldstream is also not sure about it.

what I read about it is “scheduling latency is the delay between the occurrence of an interrupt and the running of the process that services the interrupt.”

I’ve purchased physical server with following specs:

Ram : 12 GB
Hard Disk: 500 GB
Processor: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1270 v5 @ 3.60GHz

If you have a physical server, scheduling latency should not be an issue.

In that case the problem will be network related.

Yes, I have a physical server on which I’ve installed ESXi (Dell-ESXi-6.5.0-4564106-A00). On that I’ve installed CentOS release 6.9.

Cannot Identify the issue…have changed the ISP’s still same issue…checked my network thoroughly, even removed FW…

Can you please guide me about some software’s (preferably free) to monitor asterisk/VOIP, from which I can trace exact issue.

sip set debug on

is the first thing to use