Call divert between land line and internal numbers

Hi dear colleagues!
I need to setup call divert between 2 numbers. Situation is: When call arrives to landline number it should divert to internal number. As I know it can be done via followme.conf. Any other suggestions ?

exten => DIDDigits,1,Dial(Local/internal-number).

is the over-engineered way of doing this.

normally you directly dial the destination device, or Goto the extension that dials the internal device.

I think you are over-complicating something that is very basic and simple.

Thanks! I did that already in a basic way.
Yes you are right about over-complication. It was because of I read this article

where is not mentioned the basic way.
one more question please what “Local” does next to Dial ?

You asked to redirect to an extension. Local/ makes a device out of an extension, so that you can Dial it. Internally it is more complex than Goto or simply putting the device name, as it starts a new channel and a new thread.