Call bridging

Using IAX2 protocol on Asterisk, I need to know how can v bypass asterisk server for media routing how can v set it up to use asterisk just for authentication and billing purpose , but not for media routing.
Well if its not possible then what r best methods of bridging.
to have minimum bandwidth on asterisk server.
thanx in advance for reply.

I hope i am clear in my thoughts…

The problem is often the NATs and/or the codecs used by the agents.
Ideally there is no nat and the agents can use the same codec => define them as “canreinvite = yes” and all is perfect. Once the channel is open, Asterisk asks the agents to reinvite each others so that they talk directly one to the other without having to keep the rtp flow passing through it.
If the agents are behind the SAME NAT, you can use “canreinvite = yes” too.

Now if the agents are behind different NATs, even with IAX2 I didn’t manage to have them reinvite each other, so Asterisk keeps the flow. :confused:

I hope my english is clear enough :blush:

May be more precise to say that

  1. Is it possible to avoid native bridging in all cases whether two endpoints r behind NAT or on direct IP or one od them is on public IP.
    v need to avoid media routing throu asterisk at all.

  2. if this is not possible then how much bandwidth cost on asterisk server and wat r best methods of bridging.
    thanx and waiting for reply.
    I hope newbie wud be welcomed by you people

protocol that i am using is IAX2.

It means v cant achieve stability of calls throu asterisk.
1.what if server goes down then all calls will end.
2.It may cause bandwidth issues on server.
3.wat if server have a large no of calls.It hardly bears these calls.

By default, when an intermediary Asterisk server sets up an IAX2->IAX2 call, it gets the two ends talking directly if possible.

This page:

Has a good explanation of how the media path for IAX works.


Thanx for yr reply. But unfortunately i read this article before.
can u plz reply my second part of question regarding that of bandwidth issues if v use bridging and stability issues of asterisk server in case of bridging.