Call Bridge 2 Outgoing calls

Hi all,

I am trying to understand how I can achieve the following.

  • From a webpage, Person 1 enters his phone number and leaves another phone number (Person 2) to be dialed and connected to.
  • Asterisk calls Person 1 thru voip iax (landline/mobile)
  • Person 1 picks up
  • Asterisk calls outside Person 2 thru voip iax
  • Person 2 picks up
  • Asterisk bridges Person 1 and Person 2


  1. How can this be configured/programmed in Asterisk?

  2. Is there a limitation to how many concurrent “bridges” like this I can have?

Because i am using voip iax to make outside calls, i am assuming it doesn’t enforce a limitation on maximum number of outgoing calls for me (as opposed to using some pc cards to connect my asterisk to my landline and being stuck with how many actual landlines I have).

The question is how many of these bridges can asterisk handle with a regular linux pc?

look at .call files … -file.html … =firefox-a

Also you the more on a conference the more taxed the server will be.
And yes the limitation is on how many lines you actually have

Thanks i will check the .call files