Call active after network disconnection


I am encountering this problem:

I am establishing a call between two users and then, while the call is still active, I am disconnecting one of the users from the network. I’m using this test to simulate sudden loss of connection to the internet from a user during a call.

The problem is that Asterisk is not detecting the loss of connection to the subscriber and the call is proceeding normally. This continues until the other subscriber closes the connection. This means that the caller is being charged even though, effectively, the call was disconnected.

Please note that my Asterisk machine is behind a SIP proxy and does not have any register or location information about the subscribers. All SIP traffic goes through the proxy, while RTP traffic goes directly the Asterisk machine bypassing the proxy.

Any idea how Asterisk can detect such loss of network during a call?


I think I found a way around the problem. I set rtptimeout in the general section of sip.conf. This way if either the caller or receiver lose network connectivity for the period specified by rtptimeout, Asterisk drops the call automatically.