Build simple virtual phone system with AsteriskNOW

What I need is to build a service where a potential client calls into one number (could be landline but mobile would be better) and the person taking that call can forward it to any mobile in the world (but 99% of the calls would be forwarded to a mobile Japan or Hawaii) as if the on-the-road mobile was simply a business extension.
I am familiar with macOS and Linux and WLAN/LAN networks with some mobile telephony experience of SIP but not a coder or developer.
Can an AsteriskNow package handle this simple configuration?

That appears to be a standard PABX feature. The only reason doing this has ever been difficult in the past is because some PSTN operators forbade it. There may have been commercial reasons for forbidding it, but the other reasons where the consequences of having multiple analogue circuits in tandem, which will not apply if use a digital interface, like SIP.

The only restriction you are likely to have now is that you will not be able to forward the original caller ID, as good network operators consider that a fraud risk.

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