Bug with lookup of outboundcid introduced with 1.2.1?

I have two asterisk servers I’ve been playing with. Both running FC4, both running the same setup (SIP extensions with outbound SIP trunking and AMP).
One is running 1.2.1 and one is running 1.2.0.
When I look at the asterisk.users table in mysql on the 1.2.1 box I get this as the last two extensions:

+-----------+----------+----------+-----------+-----------+----------+--------------------+------------------+ | extension | password | name | voicemail | ringtimer | noanswer | recording | outboundcid | +-----------+----------+----------+-----------+-----------+----------+--------------------+------------------+ |557 | |Sydney Ph | |0 | |out=Adhoc|in=Adhoc | | |558 | |Jon Trott | |0 | |out=Adhoc|in=Adhoc |"Jon Trott" <558> | +-----------+----------+----------+-----------+-----------+----------+--------------------+------------------+

When I run database show in asterisk I get the following for those two extensions:

/AMPUSER/557/cidname : Sydney Ph /AMPUSER/557/device : 557 /AMPUSER/557/outboundcid : /AMPUSER/557/recording : out=Adhoc|in=Adhoc /AMPUSER/558/cidname : Jon Trott /AMPUSER/558/device : 558 /AMPUSER/558/recording : out=Adhoc|in=Adhoc

Notice the outboundcid value is there for the user that doesn’t have an outbound cid specified, but the value is missing for the user that does have an outboundcid.
When I configure the same way on the 1.2.0 box I do not have this problem.
Can someone more knowledgeable than me confirm this as a bug introduced with the 1.2.1 code and submit a bug report, or should I attempt that on my own?

From further investigation and testing I’ve narrowed down exactly what the problem is.
When you setup the outboundcid in AMP, the help suggests that the format for this value should be:
“Caller Name”
If you use that format for the value, when AMP calls the perl manager library to update the asterisk database, somewhere along the line the value is lost.
If you use the following format:
Caller Name
Then there are no problems with the outboundcid variable.
I’m not sure where the problem lies as I’m not that good a coder :wink:
It’s either a problem with the asterisk manager interface (I’ve confirmed the problem exists with 1.2.0 as well as 1.2.1), or it’s a problem with the asterisk-perl library.