BT broadband talk - Someone Please Help

Hi all

Im not a novice at setting up sip trunks so please dont point me to a webpage that explains how to do that!

I have an account with BT broadband talk but no matter what combination of settings I use I cant get the trunk registered. Has anyone managed to do this or has BT locked down their sip servers not to allow connections from asterisk boxes?

Hope someone has an answer or working config - fingers crossed.

I dont think they would block asterisk for any reason. You mentioned not to send you to a web page for you dot understand it. Time to start learning. By just posting here and getting help you will never learn asterisk and should you have problems later down the road you wont know how to work with them. If you did make samples when creating asterisk then there should be a sample in there to connect to FWD. You can easily remove the configs to connect to thier servers and put in the configs that you need. Also another reason why it may not work is because of NAT. Are you behind NAT ?

Please post configs so that we can see

I believe that the “BT Broadband Talk” service uses MGCP so that would account for the issues you are having with setting up SIP trunks.