Broadvoice registering timeout

First of all, before anybody starts telling me off, although I am a newbie, before posting this I did the following:

  1. Learned linux basic commands
  2. Performed succesful linux installs and configs
  3. Installed and updated asterisk and the gui
  4. After seeing how problematic gui is, did all editing by hand
  5. Learned to use the CLI of asterisk
  6. searched every major and minor source of voip info via google.

When I restart asterisk, broadvoice registration just keeps timing out. I saw elsehwre a solution which I implements, which is to change the IP in the etc/hosts so you are registering to a different broadvoice proxy. This works for now, but what happens when a network blink sometime on a workday disconnects and we cannot reconnect? They will have to track me down and I do this crazy thing?

Anybody have a better answer, and switching providers is probably not answer, even though we just started with broadvoice.


Do you always see this, or is the problem intermittent? Broadvoice seem to be having problems lately. There are periods, often once or twice a day, when registrations time out. This goes on for several minutes before the registration succeeds.


Thanks. It had happened consistantly for several hours, but now seems to be intermittent, as you describe. I hope they resolve this.

This problem fixed! I reinstalled the codec modules and the error went away. However a new error is in its place

chan_sip.c: 3075 retrans_pkt maximum retries exceeded on transmision . Then I cannot register – not sure if the two are connected, as having lots of problems registering at broadvoice in general, servers messed up for a ferw days according to someone else here

I found an old trick on another forumof changing the sip.broadvoice enter in hosts file and then trying to register, which worked and let me register. What is up with broadvoice?


Stay as far away as you can from broadvoice. This is your only warning !!!

I have only had issues with them. I think I had service with them till my service was up for the month.

Who do you recommend? Plus I like the number I got from them, and started publicizing it.