Bridging FXS With PRI E1 Line

Hello Everyone,

How can I bridge a Analog phone on FXS port with a specific channel of the PRI E1 line. Actually I want to implement an outgoing dialplan, where I can use my Analog phone connected with the FXS (module) port of Sangoma A200. For PRI E1, I am using Sangoma A101d card.

I can receive calls on this port from the PRI E1 line, but cannot do the vice versa.

Below is the script of extension.conf file that I have implemented.

////////////////////////////////////// extension.conf ////////////////////////////



exten => _.,1,Congestion

exten => 4319,1,Answer
exten => 4319,n,Wait
exten => 4319,n,Dial(ZAP/35)
exten => 4319,n,HangUp()

exten => _9NXXXXXX,1,Dial(${OUTBOUNDTRUNK}/${EXTEN:1})
exten => _9NXXXXXX,n,Congestion()
exten => _9NXXXXXX,n,Hangup()


Please let me know what additional configuration do I have to implement in order to acheive the mentioned scenerio.