BridgeKick to Kick One Channel But Kick All The Channels

Hi There,

I would need some help with bridgekick, When there is a call - the simple bridge will be created for 2 channels. When I tried command bridgekick to kick one channel, Why it will kick all the channels ?

I tried to develop feature in my CRM for prank calls, so when the calls is ongoing - then when the agents click prank button, it will hangup the agents calls BUT the caller will still active and can hear the playback audio until the call hangup automatically.

1- How to make the other channel still stay active when kick the one of the channels using bridgekick ?
2- Is there anyway I can try beside using bridgekick ?

Please see the picture below, Your help and advice is highly appreciated. thank you!

Try this option

Example: Dial with ‘g’ continuation option
same => n,Dial(PJSIP/alice,,g)
same => n,Log(NOTICE, Alice call result: ${DIALSTATUS})

Thank you Sir, g option solved my problem :+1:

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