"Break" Dial cmd on reciept of SIP 404

Hi All,

Just wondering if there was a way to top the Dial cmd and return to the dialplan after Asterisk receives the first 404 message.

Have have played with HANGUPCAUSE and DIALSTATUS. Problem with those two is that they only work after my SIP provider has sent a 408 timeout message. Before I get that 408 timeout message I get like 3 404 messages indicating that I have looked for a non-real number, or one that my SIP provider can not find anyway.

I have spent a bunch of time looking into this. Trying to get SIP responses (that I have since found you can not in the dialplan.) My thought is that this would take some dev work on chan_sip. In order to get the Dial cmd to stop and return the 404 (HANGUPCAUSE 1,2, and 3 I think) to the dial plan after the first 404 is received. Long shot but I thought you all may have some insight.