Block Remote Hardware


I configured libss7 in asterisk and dahdi. After configuring cic for 6 E1,3 E1 is up and the rest of E1 is not in idle state. When i use this command “ss7 show cics 1 XXXX”, it show me the below info:
CLI> ss7 show channels
link set Chan Chan idle Lcl Blk Rem Blk Call Level SS7 Call Channel Name
1 97 No No Yes Idle No
1 98 No No Yes Idle No
1 99 No No Yes Idle No
1 100 No No Yes Idle No
1 101 No No Yes Idle No
1 102 No No Yes Idle No
1 103 No No Yes Idle No

CLI> ss7 show cics 1 XXXX
97 XXXX 94 Idle R: H
98 XXXX 95 Idle R: H
99 XXXX 96 Idle R: H
100 XXXX 97 Idle R: H
101 XXXX 98 Idle R: H
102 XXXX 99 Idle R: H
103 XXXX 100 Idle R: H

why it shows me R:H, is there any problem in my configuration? How to identify the actual cause of blocking state.How to solve it. Please need your help.