Billsec is not as expected Asterisk 13

I am using asterisk 13, I called on my extention after playing some prompt call is getting forwareded to another user after disconnection of the call in CDR mysql there duration is 19 as well as billsec is also 19.

In other hand if i m using Asterisk 11 then duration is 19 and billsec is 9. This is correct as per my requirement.

Please help me to solve the above issue as i want bill sec as in asterisk 11

CDRs were completely redone and their behavior defined on the wiki[1]. I’d suggest looking and seeing if an existing scenario with example exists on the wiki page and if one does but it does not match what you are seeing then filing an issue. You’ll also need to provide the completely console output, an example configuration, and the full CDR log output.