Background loop

I`m trying to add a loop on the background, to say it 2 times before it hangsup. I tried with LOOP=2, with go to, it just doesnt go. Any help would be appreciated.
Here is the dialplan that i have. I would prefer if i have a choice for
exten => _+X.,n(loop=2),Background(ivr/welcome) or something.

exten => _+X.,n,Answer
exten => _+X.,n,Playback(ivr/choice_1)
exten => _+X.,n(loop),Background(ivr/welcome)
exten => _+X.,n,WaitExten(10)
exten => _+X.,n,Goto(s,1)

Thank you for the help!!!

If you google ‘asterisk dialplan loops’ the first link returned (for me) is [[While() — Starts a while loop - Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, 2nd Edition [Book]]]

That may prove clueful.

The label “loop=2” is clearly wrong.

You have a goto for extension s, but no extension s.

If the number entered can be more than one digit, you may need a t extension.

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