b410p problems

I am having much trouble getting the B410p to work and any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am running on debian etch and installed the Zaptel 1.4.9 as Asterisk 1.49. I followed the how to from Digium kb.digium.com/entry/55/131/ and both lsmod | grep hfcmulti and dmesg | grep Digium do return something.
However the lights keep flashing in red. Misdnportinfo shows that the ports are ok but can’t do misdn show stacks in Asterisk’s CLI. I can’t make/receive calls neither.
Any help ?

Did you do a ‘make b410p’ in the Zaptel source directory?

thanks for your reply. Yes, I did do a “make b410p”. I did exactly as in the Kb except that I got newer versions

Errr - make b410p gets all the files for you - no need to update. That could be your problem.

I’d need to see your mISDN.conf and misdn.conf files - assuming you created them with mISDN scan/config.

When I meant newer version, I was talking about newer versions for Asterisk (1.2.9) and Zaptel (1.4.9)

Here goes the misdn.conf:

;default settings before this
;more default settings …
;default settings after this …

I used a simple one do some testing.
The misdn command is not recognized in Asterisk’s CLI

I also need your mISDN.conf file (not the asterisk one - mine’s in /etc).

Have you done a ‘mISDN scan’ command?

Just noticed - the KB talks about misdn-init - that is the old command. mISDN is the new command (www.misdn.org).

Thanks for the link, I’ll have a look

Here goes the misdn-init file found in /etc/asterisk. Once again, pretty much the default options


Wierd - you say ‘misdn-init’ but mISDN v1.1.1.7 uses mISDN instead.

Oh well - I think your problem is this line ‘te_ptmp=1,2,3,4’. Try ‘te_ptp=1,2,3,4’ instead.

EDIT : Just realised, you are using Asterisk 1.2. Why not use 1.4 (maybe Zaptel 1.4 is not compatible with Asterisk 1.2 as there is a Zaptel v1.2 available)?

I’m in Reunion, a French territory. Would Te_ptp work?

I’ll install the lastest versions for misdn as well as Asterisk 1.4 and will post back as soon as I’m done.

Thanks again Raffles

Not sure about your isdn settings - but ptp/ptmp is usually dependent on your service provider (and whether you have DDI numbers or not)

Which matches which for DDIs?

Sorry - you may know them as DID’s. Basically, a batch of numbers that come down the same circuit.

:smile: Sorry I incorrecly expressed myself. Which of ptp and ptmp matches the fact that I do have DDI’s?


This is very dependant on your telco, as it is possible to have DDI on PTMP

but the “standard” is that on PTMP lines you have MSN numbers and on PTP you can have DDI numbers. it can start to get confused as some carriers describe MSN numbers as DDI numbers.

Basicly you have to talk to the telco and ask what they are suppying or use a test butt as it should tell you what you have as it will auto sense the protocol


Thanks… I’ll keep you informed…