Avaya tie trunk with Tiger Networks 3xxx ISDN card

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I’m a newbie to building an asterix pbx box. So far I have installed Cent OS 6.5/Asterix 11/Dahdi.
My card that I am using is the single span Digium card, TE110P. Upon running dahdi_genconf and restarting dahdi and asterix services. Dahdi_scan shows an alarm of RED on the card. Is this normal? I haven’t connected any voice cross over cable to the avaya ds1 card yet. Upon making a simple loop back plug, the alarm changes to RED/Yellow.
I’m curious to know if the RED alarm is normal for a fresh gen-configured card? All my reading so far states RED should go away once you plug in a loop back plug.

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Did you connect a cable to the digium card?

Best method of testing is to plug in a E1/T1 loopback connector

kb.digium.com/articles/FAQ/How-d … -connector

Hello Meightee,

Yup. Created that cable. After doing so, alarms in dahdi_scan changed from red – red/yellow
I guess as per that kb though it would seem any alarm means a faulty card?

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Can also mean wrong configuration.

Did you try the loopback adaptor?

I would try that as well, after that, start checking your configu.

Good luck.

yup. I get red/yellow alarms with the loopback connector. without it, just red.


this topic can be closed…I realized my error…didn’t crimp by loopback cable hard enough…created another one, and voila. no alarms.

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With that card you should qualify for support from Digium. This forum does not provide support from Digium.


We quit selling the TE110 more than 7 years ago. We don’t provide any support or service on it:


I think you may have a trade mark protection problem!

Someone is still selling them “as new” with website branding using both the Digium and Asterisk names, which confused my quick check for whether it was a current product.

Hah, we do our best to enforce, but there are a world of unscrupulous people out there. It’s really unfortunate. :frowning: