Automatically start recording when user start talking


I want to record the user voice without using any trigger like DTMF input. Is there any way to start record automaticlly when user start talking and stop recording after detecting some silence?

Any help will be appreciated.


Not really :frowning:

Thanks Dovid,

I want to use my own recognition server for my IVR. I only need is audio file recorded. Like how SpeechStart function stops play back when user start spaking and start listnig to user, i shold aslo be able to do that.

But i don’t know when i should call start recording . I went though the asterisk-java api list. But i didn’t find any api that will help to do this. Please give me some idea to achive this.


I don’t have any idea. Maybe you can record from the beginning and use some software that will cut out the silence.