Automatic Failover / Automated Alternate Routing

Does Asterisk support Automatic Failover/ Automated Alternate Routing from its Dialplan? We would like to set our Asterisk up so that if the gateway either refuses the connection or does not respond, it will automatically reroute incoming calls to a secondary gateway. After the first gateway comes back we would like the Asterisk to redirect the calls through the original gateway. Is this possible? If so, can you please point me to some documentation that would outline the procedures to setting this up. I as of yet have not found anything on the subject.

Thanks in advance

Yes. You can put it in to the dial plan (it is not out of the box).

My problem is I am not able to see ‘how’ to create it in the dial plan. Is there a walkthrough or a sample extensions.conf/sip.conf file hanging around the internet that would step me through the process? … DIALSTATUS

that might help, I am not sure if its exactly what you want to do, but it should give you an idea. I wonder if group would work, kinda like zap/g1, for sip…now I will be googling
edit: no groups like sip/g1, you must do it all in the dialplan like the above link