Autodial extension

Hi everybody

I’ve been trying to make this to work and I give up after some hours of googling:

  1. I have 2 IPphones, one with ext 101 and other ext 102
  2. The need is: When I pickup 101’s headset automatically dial 102 and rings the IPphone

If this is posible, can you help me with the config?

Greets in advance

In the context for the first phone:

exten => s,1,dial(local/102@context-defining-extension-number-of destination)

There are short cuts if the device for 102 has a technology address of 102 as well, but that is bad practice. You can always use the technology/address for the target phone directly.

Getting the first phone to initiate a call with no destination number, when it goes off hook, is the normal case for analogue phones, but may be difficult for IP phones. For IP phones, it is a question for the phone supplier not the PABX supplier.