Audio quality problem

Good morning everyone…
I’m trying to understand why on a PBX I have different behaviors on the 2 DHDI channels installed.
I have this message in the log
Disabled echo canceller NLP because of CED tx detected on channel 3.
Can someone explain to me what this means?
Thank you very much

Disabling echo canceller could be the result of fax tones detected at the far end.

The message indicates that the echo canceller’s non-linear processor (NLP) was disabled on channel 3 due to detecting a CED (Caller End Detector) tone. This suggests that the system detected the caller hanging up, prompting the echo cancellation process to cease. This behavior might differ across channels, potentially causing varied outcomes in echo cancellation performance. Further investigation into channel configurations and echo cancellation settings may be necessary for resolution.

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Danish Hafeez | QA Assistant

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