Attended transfer from dialplan, * as transferer


I am using asterisk as an sipUA. when somebody(X) calls the *, it should
i. hold the call
ii. initiate and establish a new call to Y
iii. perform attended transfer among X & Y.

is there any application where i can pass 2 callId and perform an attended transfer? like -

exten => s,1,Transfer(callId1,callId2)

is it possible to attended transfer using dialplan? how do i do it?
please, anybody… i need to know this desperately.


There is no capability to perform an attended transfer and take Asterisk out of the signalling path, although re-invites do allow you to take it out of the speech path, providing that you don’t do anything that conflicts with their use.

Note that Transfer, particularly after Answer, is somewhat fragile.

Thanx david. The information was helpful. :smile:

I actually wanted to use asterisk as a queue. And wanted to take the load of the asterisk when a caller is assigned to a called party. That will enable asterisk to handle more calls if it is not burdened with the existing call processing. If I enable the ‘directrtpsetup’ of sip.conf will the load on asterisk reduce?