Attempting to process uninitialized aco_info

Trying to track down the cause of this error message shown on reload:

I’ve exhausted my Google search results and the only thing remotely interesting I’ve found is this:

I’m not sure what info->internal is. Is anyone here able to point me in the right direction, or perhaps have run into this before? I suspect it’s due to a missing configuration file but am not sure yet.

This looks to me like an internal error. It is almost certainly a secondary error, so you should be looking for an earlier primary error. The routine is only used in app_skel, chan_motif, udptl, and res_xmpp, so knowing which might be used would be helpful.

info appears to be a table describing information about the naming of the configuration file and how it should be parsed.

internal is a wrapper for an opaque pointer for use by the caller.

struct aco_info_internal { void *pending; /*!< The user-defined config object awaiting application */ };

The module you quote from is a utility for manipulating .conf files.

Thanks for the reply! Your hint about the configuration files helped me locate a missing config. Although it didn’t throw an error on reload (not that I could see, just what I posted) the error is now missing. Perfect. Thank you David!

I’m having the same issue. Which config file did you adjust to fix the issue?