Attach call recording to email - Unable to retrieve Destination and Disposition variables

Hi All,
I’m trying to record all inbound calls and attach them in a mail at the end with some call details.
It has a simple configuration. I have 5 Misc Destinations (ext mobile number) that are called depending from the caller choise. Everything works fine, but I’m not able to find the Destination (Misc Destination) and the Disposition (ANSWERED, BUSY and so on) variables even if I can see them in Call Detail Record (see below screenshot from freepbx)

The other variable used are the following (they work properly):

FreePBX 15.0.16
Asterisk 16.4.0

Thank you in advance,

Misc destination use a custom dial plan generated by FreePBX to point the call to an specific destination, you will need to create you own context and use the custom destination module, but this is a FreePBX issue, You will find more help in the FreePBX forum

Thank you for the help. I will try on FreePBX forum as well.

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