Aterisk 11 + Webrtc

We are looking for someone to support the configuration of an Asterisk 11 + Webrtc. Anyone interested?

I think you should be aware that there’s a big (enough) difference between
Asterisk 1.8 (which is what you said your customers are still using) and
Asterisk 11.


yes we know but is the unique way to making call security right ? Asterisk 1.8 there is no tls,ice,srtp…right?

If you are upgrading to a newer version, go for a supported version then. Go for v18+

My understanding is that WebRTC is a moving target, and you may find that modern browsers will not interwork with an ancient Asterisk.

Asterisk 1.8 definitely has TLS (1.6 does). 1.8 also has SRTP. ICE is not a security technology.

One of key requirements for security is keeping up with security fixes. Asterisk 11 is missing over five years of those.

Another approach would be to leave Asterisk as-is, and build a WebRTC-to-SIP layer over it. This can be done on the same box, using something like OpenSIPS. It would mean that the DTLS streams are unencrypted by something like RTPengine. This approach also allows you to upgrade Asterisk at a later stage as the heavy lifting is done with OpenSIPS & RTPengine, while Asterisk acts independently.

I have experience with this architecture.

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