Asttest make infinite loop

Upon trying to install and run the asterisk test suite, I get an infinite loop when running
make in asttest directory.

I modified the scripts to add -d option to make and was able to figure out the problem happens when running this line :

./tools/mkstring -n testlib_lua -o lib/lua/testlib_lua.h lib/lua/testlib.luac

The first (while) loop in parse_cmdline function enters the ‘?’ case infinitely.

Does the
./tools/mkstring -n testlib_lua -o lib/lua/testlib_lua.h lib/lua/testlib.luac
line look correctly formated for the mkstring function?

If not what should it look like and what could be the reasons that the line isnt as it should be when running make?

If that line is correct what could be causing the infinite loop and how to fix this?

For developer stuff such as this the asterisk-dev mailing list[1] is where developers hang out.

[1] The asterisk-dev Archives

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