Astrisk 13 working with intertel8622v2 voip phone

Im trying to get the inter-tel 8622v2 to work on with Raspbx. I have tried everything that I know
I have set the VoIP with the following settings
def gate:
udp 5060

I have the systems working with Samsung Note II’s with CSIP Simple running on them. But i would like to get the 8622 VoIP (desk) phones working. Has anyone ever tried to get this to work.


I might be wrong, but this is a Mitel phone…

Those can work in two modes, sip and itp. Depending on the type of phone, by pressing specific button combinations, you can change the mode.

I would advise you to start looking at the mitel fora.

Yes I have it in SIP mode. hold down (1 and 2) SIP and (5 and 6) ITP mode