Astricon 2019 thoughts

Astricon 2019 banner is at the top of the forum page; anyone going? To be honest, the event looks pretty thin this year. A lot of the draw for me to any conference is the hands-on tech sessions and access to engineering folks, but it looks like that has been cut out somewhat. (What happened to Astri-DevCon?) What’s the feel for this year’s show? All marketing, or is there going to be a good tech component?

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AstriDevCon is continuing this year with details on the wiki[1]. The open source track should have some technical level talks, and developers will be around to run into.


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Sadly I’m unable to attend this year.

Astricon has always been one of my favorite conventions, I’ve been attending for over a decade and it’s certainly become more business oriented over the years.

I miss stuff like the Hackathon and Fastest Dude contests, Last years thing with the Quiz was very involved looking but I wasn’t able to find anyone to do it with.

I ended up seated for lunch at a table with Matt Jordan, Tony Lewis , and a bunch of Sangoma and Digium guys last year which was cool.

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