Astman isn't builded

Hi all.
I’m new to asterisk. I would to create a test install from zero. For this purpose I’ve installed a FC5 PC with all required packages to build asterisk. I’ve also downloades latest releases.
I’ve compiled asterisk-1.2.10 without errors (some warnings on make.log but any error) but when I try to execute the make rpm I always got the error that astman doesn’t exists.
I’ve checked that, on utils/Makefile, there is no rule to build astman.o so it seems impossible to create binary astman.

Any help? Any patch to Makefile?

astman is an executable file usually in /usr/sbin (or wherever Asterisk is installed)

the makefile will be found in /usr/src/asterisk/utils


I am sorry. This post was meant to be for … an+newinit

I still haven’t got 1.4.0 beta2 compiling successfully. Anybody got any clues on this? I can send you the long config.log that the configure script generated if you want me to. I tried to remove the astman from the build but that did not make any difference. Any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.