AsteriskNow ISO

Hello ,I think a project can complicate that you can help me
the project to integrate and install on asterisknow it is IPBX as freepbx some appliance (module) example asteric cdr and asteric monast and asteric fop2 then at the end extract all in an .iso image if Do you like that you have a solution or how I can do this iso because it’s part of my internship project and thank you very much

FreePBX/ Fop2 /Asternic /Monast are third party projects, to monitor O administrate basic Asterisk functionalies (FreePBX), the installation it is docummented on their respective forums and the Iso creation it is server administration task not supported on this forum,

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thank you , Do you know a good forum for the Iso creation image.
and do you know another cdr free

I did not understand how I can use GPL4 in my work but do you know another cdr free

Im a developer most of the time I do my own Asterisk CDR solution, in you case I suggest you google it