Asterisk19 function BASE64_DECODE does not work

I’m trying to decode a string from dialplan with function BASE64_DECODE() but it failed with below reason:
pbx_functions.c:608 ast_func_read: Function BASE64_DECODE not registered

I check the function on wiki and it still present in release 19.

I’m not sure what module is missing, can someone advise what module need to load to have the BASE64_DECODE function working please ?


Is the func_base64 module loaded?

Exactly right.

asterisk19CLI> module show like func_base64
Module Description Use Count Status Support Level
0 modules loaded
CLI> module load func_base64
Loaded func_base64
== Registered custom function ‘BASE64_ENCODE’
== Registered custom function ‘BASE64_DECODE’
Loaded => (base64 encode/decode dialplan functions)

Loaded the module then I can decode the string properly.
Thank @jcolp so much for the advice.


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