Asterisk & Zaptel devices in a zone

Has anyone managed to get the zaptel devices accessible in a Solaris 10 zone?

Added the devices in zonecfg (device match=/dev/zap/) so the appear in the zone in /dev/zap/, but when anything tries to access them, I get a ENXIO error (as seen from truss).

Asterisk itself seems to work ok, but the IAX channel needs the zaptel drivers for timing, so it’s out of action.

Anyone managed or is this a known limit of the zaptel drivers ?

Drivers & Asterisk from, where the comments
say: Asterisk should now function under Solaris Zones; however, only a single instance of Asterisk may use the Zaptel drivers.

Impression is that it might work!

Are there any more recent drivers for Solaris - don’t mind compiling etc, that bit’s pretty much straight forward!