Asterisk with opensips problem

Dear all,

I consist of network system as below.

phone —> opensips —> asterisk 13

So I use the Dispatcher Module in Opensips and connect to Asterisk.
Opensips send OPTIONS Request to Asterisk(for SIP Ping Check).
But Asterisk responses 401 to Opensips. So I set the SIP Trunk on Asterisk.
After these Asterisk responses 200 OK.

But Phone sends the REGISTER Request to Opensips and Opensips send this to Asterisk.
Asterisk sends the 404 Response to Opensips.
======= Asterisk CLI Log ============
[2015-07-14 02:54:49] WARNING[8171]: res_pjsip_registrar.c:680 registrar_on_rx_request: AOR ‘1002’ not found for endpoint ‘opensips_in_1’

opensips_in_1 is the SIP Trunk Name on Asterisk.

Has anybody idea about that?

Have nice day!!!

Brandon Kim.