Asterisk Wireguard no Connect to external SIP-Trunk

Hello tootai

I changed the transport method from udp to tcp
bind port ist still

Are there other configurations necessary ?

No, you have to adapt transport in endpoint and registration. Keep in mind that UDP is generally default in devices, you have to keep UDP alongside of TCP

…“Try to Connect to Vodafone via UDP:5060 → Successful”

If so, on configuration have to set protocol to “udp”.

The strange point is twice registration request and one is tagged VPN ip address.

By the other way when “WireGuard-Tunnel in GliNet Router On” how about to run mtr command mtr Mtr (my traceroute) to vodafone?

Could get and confirm external_signaling_address.

‘mtr’ finds the Vodafone SIP Server in both cases

This Screenshot is with “WireGuard” ON


This Screenshot is with ‘WireGuard’ OFF


I had yesterday a call with the VODAFONE Team, and the outcome was:

“we allow only login to our server from clients which are logged in into the VODAFONE network.
This is to prevent Nomadic Usage of our Service”

Looks like it’s not possible to connect with a VPN Tunnel ?

Strange thing is remaining:
SIP-SERVER from VODAFONE is answering to PING’s with/without WireGuard Tunnel
SIP-SERVER from VODAFONE is answering to UPD REGISTER only without WireGuard Tunnel
Any ideas to overcome this restriction

I also tried the ‘external_media_address/external_signal_address’ with

  1. my IP adsress in VODAFONE Network
  2. my virtual IP Adress (result of dnsleaktest)
  3. my Tunnel adress 10.14.0.x

without any access.

What’s the idea of VPN?
Trying to connect Vodafone?, if so it’s impossible.
Or for remote user?