Asterisk Voicemail greetings

Good afternoon!

I have Asterisk version and extensions.ael

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I noticed strange behavior. Let me please clarify.
If 001 customer woudn’t be able 18 secs, custom_greetings will be start, then will be start just one beep, then should be started Voicemail and caller will start dictate his speech. But in fact option s in Voicemail application just supperesed default Asterisk’s greetings and we get 3-5 secs as delta of caller’s speech + minsecs which assigned in voicemail.conf (for me it’s 5 sec). In total I’ll lost first 5 sec of caller speechs, and if caller will leave his speech less than 4.99 sec the voicemail woudn’t be recorded, because caller think that recording start after beep but it’s wrong, because suppressed default Asterisk’s greetings is 5 sec and my minsecs 4.99 sec = 9.99 sec
It’s enought that leave a message and hangup (In fact Voicemail will work just 4.99 sec or less, depends of length of caller’s speech)

Also I noticed that if caller will hangup or # when speech will be recorded, then nothigh to be happened

I think you understand me.

And I have a question: how can I change default voicemail greetings?
I pushed custom_greeting in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/6601 but it didn’t solve my problem

This problem solved!

I just changed minsecs= from 5 to 1 sec in /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf

Hangup works correctly