Asterisk two-way call to n-way: call how to


I’m trying to make conference call from ordinary two way call. (UA-Bob speaks wit UA-Carol and the want to invite UA-Jessie and then UA-Jessie will invite in conference UA-Mo). I’m following this guide and use “ChannelRedirect” in dialplan, but when redirects one leg of the call e.g. channel of Bob, other leg of the bridge hangs up. Is there a way to transfer/redirect a call from native bridge to conference (confbridge application)?

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If you are using AMI, ChannelRedirect can redirect both channels at once.


Thanks. I do not want to use AMI, (I know that possibility with AMI action)… My setup is like:

  1. UA-Bob speaks with UA-Carol
  2. UA-Bob send SIP INVITE message to Asterisk with custom header
  3. Previous INVITE executes part of the dialplan and send UA-Bob and UA-Carol to confbridge

Something like that… (Like DTMF in described guide)

Is there any way to this with both channels?

(Now is just one channel and need to send new INVITE to UA-Carol with auto-asnwer header. This works, but the phone goes throught two states “on-the-phone”, then "ready.)

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You’ll need to use the SIP_HEADER function to get your custom header.

It works something like this:

ExecIf($[${REGEX("answer-after",${SIP_HEADER(Call-info)})} = 1]?Playback(tt-monkeys)

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Yes, I use similar “functionality” with PJSIP stack and this works: The first channel is redirected to conference bridge, and second channel is going to Hangup, and then I dial it again with Call-Info header… and this works perfectly. But in this scenario, extensions goes from state “On-the-Phone” to “Ready” and then again to “On-the-Phone” and I’m wondering if is there a way to redirect both channels directly to conference bridge without one of them to hangup?

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Use system or AGI to start up a temporary AMI client.

Id’ recommend doing like David said, use AMI redirect to redirect both channels at the same time.


Thanks for suggestions. I do not want to use AMI or ARI…

Now I just redirect one channel to conference and send new INVITE to second participiant from the two-way call.

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While you speak with another party you can press *0, and the macro nway-start is executed. The current party is immediately transferred to a free conference, whereas you get a dialtone to enter the number of the other party you also would like to invite. After the call has been established and you talk to third user, you can press ** to direct him to the conference, or *# to hangup the current call and return to the conference yourself.