Asterisk to Asterisk connection over TDMoE throught DAHDI

Hi, I`m trying to establish connection between 2 Asterisk 1.4 using DAHDI driver, so connection what I want is a TDMoE(E1 lines).

There spans configuration:

Asterisk 1 system.conf:

Asterisk 2 system.conf:

Also, I will provide additional information, if it will be needed.
The problem is that dahdi_tool show RED alarm, connection couldn`t be established. Why I have it? Both Asterisk are running under VM Ware.


Why are you using TDMoE to connect 2 servers together ?
Why are you not using SIP or IAX ?

some additional info. several trying to configure asterisks on both side, gave me a success result. I have used dahdi_cfg tool on both machines.

To ianplain
I`m using Asterisk for testing a TDMoE connector. I need to be sure that Asterisk, wich will be master synchronization, configured right.

I am also wanting to ask, is it possible that, 2 Asterisk work together over TDMoE channel? For example, 2 Asterisk connected over TDMoE and to each of them connected an SIP phone, could I make phone call from one SIP phone to another?

I will answer to myself :smile:
Yes, its more than possible, its working.