Asterisk support for MSRP


Asterisk logs an error “Unsupported SDP media type in offer” followed by “488 Not acceptable here” when the SDP body in the SIP INVITE from client contains “m=message 2855 TCP/MSRP *”.

Can anyone let me know if asterisk 1.8.x version has support for MSRP? What options do I have for asterisk to support MSRP?

[Jan 13 13:36:18] WARNING[17754]: chan_sip.c:7926 process_sdp: Unsupported SDP media type in offer: message 2855 TCP/MSRP *


Asterisk does not currently support MSRP in any version.

Any update on this? Is this even in the pipeline?


I think jcolp would have mentioned it if Sangoma were doing any work on it, which they were prepared to make public, but, as I’ve never noticed anyone else raising this issue, I doubt there is any perceived demand, so I’d not expect any work.

Of course, if there is someone able to code it and who wants it, it might appear from the community.

I can’t speak for the community with certainty, but this is not something I am aware of anyone actively working on.