Asterisk Sub Menu

Hello All,

We have a main IVR that plays an audio message which then of course allows users to select a number and directs them to a queue. However, we are making a small change where we would like option 6 to go to a sub voice menu and allow a user from there to then either click option 1 or option 2 and it will go to a corresponding extension. Would someone be able to advise me on how I would do this? Fairly new to Asterisk so I need it to be as simple as you can since our system is all CLI Based.

Here is what it looks like now

exten => 6, 1, set(CALLERID(name)=Billing Queue)
exten => 6, 2, Background(WA_Quality_Assurance)
exten => 6, 3, Macro(call-queue,billing)

Just for clarity when someone goes to Option 6, it should then bring them to another voice prompt which will say click 1 for blah blah click 2 for blah blah and when they click on of those options it will call a specific extension.

Thanks in advance!

You need to use a new context.