Asterisk SIP Trunk Auto Discovery

Hello all!

I just want to ask your opinion guys. Is it possible to write plugin for asterisk and implement auto discovery ?

The idea is simple.
When asterisk startup it register itself in some service discovery, lets say ETCD and register all nodes from ETCD directory as sip trunks. When another asterisk registers - it will add sip trunk in realtime, when unregister - remove.

is it something doable with current plugin API ?
I tried to search ready solutions - but no luck :frowning:

Have a nice day guys and happy holidays!

Using Asterisk realtime configuration you could write and remove sip peers dynamically

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Thank you for your answer, @ambiorixg12!
Can you please collaborate on this?
Talking about “Asterisk realtime configuration” do you mean: ?

Yes instead of use flat configuration file, you can use Dynamic Realtime

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Thank you, I will try that.

BTW: this will require “reload” command, all the time we want to re-read configuration, right ?

There are 2 type of realtime configuration Static and Dynamic, follow the link and you will learn how to configure Dynamic mode

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