Asterisk simultaneous calls

Hello dears

i have the following situation when i am calling simultaneous sip account
Dial(SIP/101&SIP/102&SIP/103) the first who answers will take the call .
is there anyway to know which sip extension answered the call?


Yes, but the details will depend on when and why you want to know. The simplest case is that, once the call actually bridges, there is a channel variable set on both side, called something like BRIDGEPEER. You could also use the G option on dial, to gain control between answer and bridge. If this is for call logging purposes, there will be other methods.

thank you David
actually i need to know during the call im making a service with dynamic attended call transfer so if any answered party presses * the system will make an attended transfer to a preset extension from the database.

will the ${BRIDGEPEER} work if we are using a sip provider for outbound calls for example:

will it show the callerB or callerA number? or it only works in local sip usage


It will be the channel name. Given the channel name, you should be able to request function values that tell you what was dialled (for a start, there should be a proto-CDR). There may even be channel variables set with the actual dialstring. See I imagine SIPURI will do, it be some of the Dial application ones may also be usable.