Asterisk -- Showing Caller ID for flagged as ‘private’ calls

Recently we have noticed asterisk is not able to block caller id for blocked calls, as per my telco they are sending calls flagged as ‘private’. I have made few test myself from my cell phone and found same.

I am not sure how can i trouble shoot this, please guide me. Asterisk Version 1.4.44.

Why you are using an old version of Asterisk. Asterisk 1.4.x EOL 2012-04-21. im not very clear with your request, please what is exactly that you want do or you means with [quote] block caller id for blocked calls[/quote]

As noted, you are using a version that hasn’t been supported for years. Moreover, as a non-network operator, you should not receive caller IDs from a network operator, as they should not trust you to ignore it. As such, if you have a competent network operator, there should be no problem.