Asterisk Setup with Flexisip Gateway


I’m hoping to set up Flexisip to act as a push gateway for Asterisk in order to have client-side certification and push notifications with my mobile softphones. I’ve been scouring the internet to find resources on how to do something like that, having a difficult time.

I found this resource in the Flexisip documentation:

I followed the basic setup at the bottom of that page in my flexisip.conf file, but I’m not sure how to actually tell Flexisip how to find my Asterisk server, or vice versa. Should I be setting up an endpoint for the gateway in pjsip.conf with my other endpoints? If both my gateway and my server are on the same device/IP Address, will that cause issues?

Is there any chance of someone either directing me to a resource or possibly explaining how to integrate these two applications together?

Thanks for any info!

A quick skim of that document indicates you configure Asterisk as though the gateway were the phone and had a dynamic address (normal for phones).

The request URI from the phone contains the address of the Asterisk daemon, not that of the gateway, but that is really a gateway issue, not an Asterisk one.

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