Asterisk sending RTP with wrong sequence number

We are having issues with Asterisk sending RTP the wrong sequence number. Here are the details.

  1. It only happens on the caller channel.
  2. The issue only happens when using the locally
  3. The issue doesn’t happen if I set directmedia=yes and native_rtp is remote.
  4. The issue doesn’t happen if I do noload => and use only simple_bridge.
    I have tried the following versions that have the same issue.

The issue doesn’t happen on 16.8-cert11

50% of the time it sends a random RTP packet where the sequence number is greater.

Other 50% of the time it sends a sequence number that is lower.

The time it sends it higher causes our phone to reject the RTP causing one-way voice.
I have looked through all RTP data and this packet comes from no where. It is generated by Asterisk and I don’t know why. What else can I check?

Can anyone comment if they are also having the same issue? Because I am fairly certain this is a bug within Asterisk, however I am surprised it has been in many stable versions and has gone unnoticed.

I have seen no reported issues for this in the issue tracker that I can remember.

Okay I created an issue for it.

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