Asterisk SBC Direct Routing


My company has two SIP trunks from our Phone (landline) provider and I’m planning to migrate from SFB 2015 on premises to Microsoft Teams.

I was wondering if it’s possible to use Asterisk installed in AWS EC2 to work as Session Border Controller for Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams?

Thank you for your help and advice.

More info:

Currently we have two sites (UK and Germany) and we are using Enterprise Voice. In SFB 2015 configuration we have configured PSTN gateways pointing to providers.

We have Enterprise E3 license so Microsoft Teams is included. We are planning to pay for Microsoft Phone System and use our own SBC, instead of paying extra for Calling Plans.


Has anyone tried this yet? I’m being asked to look into integrating our Asterisk PBX’s with Direct Routing.

I’d prefer not to have to buy/learn a propriatory SBC.

I don’t think I would risk it based on what they say here:

We’ve done a proof of concept and got Asterisk to work with Microsoft Teams, but with a dirty code hack.
Please consider, that I wouldn’t use it in a critical productive environment. Details can be seen here:

It at least should help to understand, what has to be done and where the pitfalls are.

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