Asterisk -rvvv showing unbale to connect

I have get into strange problem,
My asterisk server stops automatically.
When i give asterisk -rvvv it gives unable to connect (does /var/run…asterisk.ctl exits?)
and when i give command asterisk -cvvv. it start and but when i tried to exit cli it says exit does not exist.try core show help exit.
and when press ctrl +c my asterisk server stops, unable to connect pri number.
kindly help how to continue to run asterisk server.

Try service asterisk start. If that doesn’t work show us the output of asterisk -vvvcg.

what you describe sounds like asterisk isnt running ,

Thats why -rrrv wont connect -cvvv starts it in the console and ctrl c will stop that, you cant exit from the console

try just asterisk . then asterisk -vvvr or service asterisk start