Asterisk RT(C)P issue

I’ve recently set up a trunk between an Asterisk 13.9.1 and an older Asterisk 11.5.1. It appears that some calls have about 5 seconds missing during the call (mostly queues).

It looks like RTCP packets are sent with a 5s interval according to the default “rtcpinterval” parameter in rtp.conf. However, sometimes when a RTCP-packet coming from asterisk 11.5 is received by the asterisk 13.9, the 13.9 server stops transmitting RTP-packets for about 5 seconds. Afterwards, a new incoming RTCP-packet triggers the RTP to be sent again.

Is this somehow the rtcpinterval parameter colliding? The problem is simular to this older thread:

Asterisk 13.9.1 had an issue where if DNS was not properly configured audio could be blocked in the RTCP process[1]. This was fixed as of 13.12.0.


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Thanks a lot! Modified the /etc/hosts file as a workaround (until we plan an upgrade) and it is working perfectly!

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